The research of our group falls into Computer Vision and Machine Learning areas, in particular, Scene Image Recognition, Visual Object Detection, Tracking and Recognition, Weakly Supervised and Communication Constrained Visual Models. Some of our recent works are highlighted as follows:

Side-output Residual Network for Object Symmetry Detection in the Wild
Related Publications:

Wei Ke, Jie Chen, Jianbin Jiao, Guoying Zhao and Qixiang Ye, "SRN: Side-output Residual Network for Object Symmetry Detection in the Wild", IEEE Int'l Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.[pdf]

Oriented Response Networks
Related Publications:

Yanzhao Zhou, Qixiang Ye, Qiang Qiu, and Jianbin Jiao, "Oriented Response Networks", IEEE Int'l Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.[pdf]Code

Self-learning Scene-specific Pedestrian Detection
Related Publications:

Qixiang Ye, Tianliang Zhang, Qiang Qiu, Baochang Zhang, Jie Chen, and Guillermo Sapiro, "Self-learning Scene-specific Pedestrian Detectors using a Progressive Latent Model", IEEE Int'l Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.[pdf]

Correlated Topic Vector for Scene Classification
Related Publications:

Pengxu Wei, Fei Qin, Fang Wan, Yi Zhu, Jianbin Jiao and Qixiang Ye, "Correlated Topic Vector for Scene Classification", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP 2017), Accepted.[pdf]

Pedestrian Detection via Convolutional Channel Features
Related Publications:

W. Ke, Y. Zhang, P. Wei, Q. Ye, J. Jiao, "Pedestrian Detection via PCA Filters Based Convolutional Channel Features", IEEE Int'l Conf. Acoustic, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), 2015.[pdf] Code

Text detection and recognition in color imagery (images and video frames).
Related Publications:

Q.Ye, D. Doermann, "Text Detection and Recognition in Imagery: A Survey", IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence(PAMI 2014), Accepted. [Preprint version in PDF]

Modeling a Crowd Scene project page
Related Publications:

J. Zou, X. Chen, P. Wei, Z. Han, J. Jiao, "A Belief Based Correlated Topic Model for Semantic Region Analysis in Far-Field Video Surveillance Systems ",Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM),2013. [pdf]

J. Zou, Q. Ye, Y.Cui, D. Doermann, J. Jiao, "A Belief based Correlated Topic Model for Trajectory Clustering in Crowded Video Scenes " ICPR 2014. [pdf]

J. Zou, Y. Cui, F. Wan, Q. Ye, J. Jiao, "A Cluster Specific Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model for Trajectory Clustering in Survellance Videos " ICIP 2014. [pdf]
Fast and Robust Object Detection and Tracking via Multi-sensor Fusion
Related Publications:

S. Gao, Z. Han, C. Li, Q. Ye, J. Jiao, "Real-time Multi-pedestrian Tracking in Traffic Scenes via an RGB-D based Layered Graph Model ", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2015. [pdf]

S. Gao, Z. Han, D. Doermann, J. Jiao,"Depth Structure Association for RGB-D Multi-Target Tracking ", ICPR 2014. [pdf]

Sparse Representation and Reconstruction for Visual Tracking and Trajectory Analysis
Related Publications:

Z. Han, J. Jiao, B. Zhang, Q. Ye, J. Liu,"Visual object tracking via sample-based Adaptive Sparse Representation (AdaSR)",Pattern Recognition 44 (2011) 2170–2183.[pdf]

C. Li, Z. Han, Q. Ye, J. Jiao, “Visual Abnormal Behavior Detection Based on Trajectory Sparse Reconstruction Analysis” Neurocomputing.[pdf]

C. Li, Z. Han, S. Gao, L. Pang, Q. Ye, J. Jiao, "Locality-constrained Sparse Reconstruction for Trajectory Classification" ICPR 2014. [pdf]
Visual Tracking on Climbing Robot Platform with Spatial-Temporal HMMs
Related Publications:

L. Zhang, J. Jiao, Q. Ye, Z. Han, and W. Yang, "Robust Weld Line Detection with Cross Structured Light and Hidden Markov Model" in Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation,pp.1411-1416,2012. [pdf]

L. Zhang, W. Ke, Z. Han, and J. Jiao, "A Cross Structured Light Sensor for Weld Line Detectionon Wall-climbing Robot", IEEE Int'l Conf. Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA),2013. [pdf]

L. Zhang, Q. Ye, W. Yang, J. Jiao, “Weld Line Detection and Tracking via Spatial-Temporal Cascaded Hidden Markov Models and Cross Structured Light” IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement, Vol.6, No.4, pp.742-752, 2014. [pdf][code]

L. Zhang, W. Ke, Q. Ye, J. Jiao, “A Novel Laser Vision Sensor for Weld Line Detection on Wall-climbing Robot” Optics and Laser Technology, Elsevier, vol.60, pp.69-79, 2014. [pdf]
Cascade of L1-norm Minimization Learning for Visual Object Detection
Related Publications:

R. Xu, B. Zhang, Q. Ye, and J. Jiao, "Cascaded L1-norm Minimization Learning (CLML) Classifier for Human Detection" In Proc. International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2010. [pdf]

R. Xu, J. Jiao, and Q. Ye, "Nonlinear L1-Norm Minimization Learning for Human Detection" IEEE Int'l Conf. Image Processing (ICIP), 2011. [pdf]

R. Xu, J. Jiao, B. Zhang, Q. Ye, “Pedestrian Detection in Images via Cascaded L1-Norm Minimization Learning Method” Pattern Recognition, vol.45, pp.2573-2583, 2012. [pdf]

Piecewise Linear Classifier Design for Visual Object Detection
Related Publications:

Q. Ye, J. Liang, J. Jiao, "Pedestrian Detection In Video Images Via Error Correcting Output Code Classification Of Manifold Subclasses " IEEE Trans. Intelligent Transportation Systems, vol.1, pp.193-202, 2012. [pdf]

Q. Ye, Z. Han, J. Jiao, and J. Liu, “Human Detection In Images Via Piecewise Linear Support Vector” IEEE Trans. Image Processing,vol.22. no.2, pp.778-789, 2013. [pdf][code]

Fault Diagnosis with State-of-the-art Performance
Related Publications:

Y. Peng, Q. Ye, J. Jiao, X. Chen and L. Wu, "Fault Diagnosis via Structural Support Vector Machines " in Proc.of IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, 2012. [pdf]

Y. Peng, X. Zhang, Z. Han, and J. Jiao,"Dynamic Fault Diagnosis in Chemical Process Based on SVM-HMM ", IEEE Int'l Conf. Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA), 2013. [pdf]